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Monday, June 9, 2008

A View is Where You Find It

Lake Michigan views are not the kind of real estate typically owned by booksellers and artists. Not “owned,” as in “from the picture windows of their houses,” that is. Many of David’s beautiful paintings, though, are in homes with lake views, and we can visit a view stretching out across Lake Michigan by hiking across field and orchard and uphill to woods’ edge from our tucked-away-behind-the-hills farmhouse. If I were a kid, I’d head up to the edge of the woods with book in hand, where I could glance away from the pages from time to time to enjoy the blue of the Big Lake. Maybe I should try it, anyway, one sunny, dry evening, when the current rains are rained out. But would Sarah be content to lie by my side? Maybe if she had a good run first and then I read aloud to her?


Lisa said...

A view of Big Blue - take it as you can get it. Whether from an expanse of windows along the beach, or on tippy toes over the trees. It is breathtaking in whatever manner you find it.


P. J. Grath said...

Amen, Lisa! It was spectacular this evening, seen from Jelinek Road, gleaming in the sun at end of day.