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Friday, June 6, 2008

The Roads, the Season

You get to Northport from the west side of Traverse City by traveling M-22 north along Grand Traverse Bay, through Greilickville, Suttons Bay, Peshawbestown and Omena. To get to the heart of our village, instead of following M-22 as it loops back south, you stay on the straightaway, which becomes M-201. At the blinking light, turn right, then left (all is still 201), and you’ll find yourself on Waukazoo Street. This is where our zig-zag downtown starts. Where Waukazoo makes a T at Nagonaba, a right turn will take you directly to the harbor, while a right and then a left will put you on Mill Street and start you on your way to Peterson Park or the state park and the Grand Traverse Lighthouse, and you’ll see many Northport businesses along Waukazoo, Nagonaba and Mill streets. Welcome to our life! And doff your new cap, after you buy it, to Sally Coohon at Dolls and More, who came up with the idea of publicizing M-201 and has these caps for sale at her shop.

All over town the past couple of weeks, village residents and business people have been sprucing up buildings and surroundings. The awnings are back up on our building, and Stephanie and I (finally) have our flower boxes planted. Flower boxes on the bridge on Mill Street (now there’s a mysterious feature of the village—a bridge you can cross almost without noticing it, unless you’re on foot or bicycle) are brimming with petunias. Sally filled her planter last week, and Reuben and June have the corner of Mill and Nagonaba around the Nature Gems shop (their specialty: polished Petoskey stones) looking lovely. In fact, you’re better off walking around Northport if you really want to appreciate all the local garden effort. A stroll to the harbor includes gardens in front of the bank and the library, as well as Barbara Charpentier’s beautiful and whimsical creation before you cross over to the old depot building.

It’s hot today. Of course—because graduation is tonight, in the small gym! Hot weather for graduation is like rain for the St. Wenceslaus chicken dinner, and everyone will just go right ahead and have a wonderful, memorable time.

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