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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Waukazoo Neighbors

Stephanie Metcalf’s consignment shop, Funky Mama’s, was the first business open in Woodruff Palmer’s newly renovated building on Waukazoo Street. (I wanted him to call it the Palmer Building, but he is too modest.) Once Funky Mama’s was in place, Woody finished the space that became the new home of Dog Ears Books (we moved into it in December 2006), and finally the Painted Horse Gallery opened last summer. My collective name for these changes is “Waukazoo Revival,” one step in the larger “Northport Renaissance.” (Anyone is welcome to borrow my labels in talking up Northport.) Since Dog Ears was born on Waukazoo Street (back in 1993), I take a lot of personal pleasure and pride in the improvements. Stephanie and her shop are fun neighbors for me, too.

I’m reminded to mention here that Moomers ice cream is in Northport, too, and also on Waukazoo Street. It's at The Filling Station, conveniently next-door to the building housing Dog Ears Books, the Painted Horse Gallery and Funky Mama’s. In case you haven’t yet heard (if you’ve just emerged from a cave or something), ‘Moomers Homemade Ice Cream has been selected as the best ice cream store in the country, according to a “Good Morning America” poll.’ No ice cream in the bookstore, please, so buy your books and funky furniture first, load up your car, then get ice cream cones and stroll down to the harbor to watch the ducks and look at the boats.

Sometimes people ask me, “Is Northport coming back?” Guess what! It never went away! Don’t you wish you were here?


Anonymous said...

"Don't you wish you were here?" In a word, yep. Not too long - and yet an eternity - till July 4!

P. J. Grath said...

Just think, Dawn--the lake will be warmer by then!