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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Busy, Romantic June

Happy anniversary, Lisa and Gary! Best wedding wishes, Tegan and Jon! June is a beautiful wedding month, and I’m sure Mackinac Island is a dream wedding locale, but so was Shady Trails camp outside of Northport, with Grand Traverse Bay as backdrop to the arbor framing bride and groom. My own romantic memories are of the Kalamazoo County courthouse and wildflowers I picked that morning in the woods to carry for my wedding, after which we went home, changed clothes and worked happily around the yard, and every year when the white clovers bloom, I remember early days together.

But it’s busy as well as romantic in June, and once again Sarah and I were outdoors before sunrise. My job was hanging laundry and taking a hoe to the garden rows, while hers was to run around and burn off some energy before our day in the bookstore.

NORTHPORT NEWS: Yesterday I finally found time to leaf through the local newspaper David had picked up three days earlier. Lo and behold! An article about a farmers’ market right here in Northport, starting this coming Friday and continuing every Friday through September 5. Glorious! The hours of the Friday market will be 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Cost for a vendor booth is $10 for one time or $90 for the season. (Call 386-5188 for more information.) A farmers’ market is something I’ve been wanting to see in Northport for years, and I certainly hope the community will support it on a weekly basis so the tradition will continue every summer.

NORTHPORT CALENDAR: Do NOT forget that this coming Tuesday is the first of the summer Tuesday night series at the library! Come at 7:30 to hear Porter Abbott speak on narrative, to join in the discussion, and to socialize afterward with punch and cookies. That’s at the Leelanau Township Library on Nagonaba Street, between the post office and the harbor.

And now, though the last few pages of THESE IS MY WORDS call to me, it’s really time to put some effort into my bookstore history for BookWomen. Anyway, the longer I take to get to the end of the first book about Sarah and Jack, the longer I can stretch out living in their story.


Lisa said...

Oh my goodness, P.J., I completely missed this post (sometimes you get so far ahead of me, as you write much faster than I can read). Thank you so much for the anniversary wishes. It was such a beautiful Mackinac day. Everything we had wanted - a sunny patch in a small, intimate, garden embraced by chilly Northern Michigan waters. The Island has always held a special place in my heart and always will, more so now for what happened there in the garden four years ago as opposed to anything aesthetically pleasing about the place - although it is that, too. More beautiful to me now in different ways.

Thank you again for your kind words. I hope the farmers' market is a rousing success.


P. J. Grath said...

I'll try to report on the farmers' market, along with reporting on tomorrow evening's gallery walk. There's a post begging to be composed about all the remodeling going on in downtown Northport commercial buildings, and then I have to write a review on MERLE'S DOOR, and I still haven't (as of 6/26) posted a picture of the hayfield, with its beautiful strips of aromatic grasses and legumes drying in the sun. These longest days whirl by all too quickly.