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Saturday, December 8, 2007


The one from last night was taken with my old camera. (I tried more--of the bakery, of the village tree--but most of the results weren't worth keeping or showing) The black-and-white image on the 12/6 post was my first attempt at scanning. (The original snapshot of my friend's snow-covered John Deere is a little hard to read without the color, I realize.) November 30 had, for a few days, a much warmer, more successful shot of the same scene (interior of bookstore), and it appeared on the blog for a few days--then vanished! Unfortunately, I had not saved the image file and had to make a substitution, shooting with the old camera since my better model walked off. So, I'm limping along at the moment with my images but trying to keep things lively. Today's view from the bank out toward the harbor was shot on Monday morning.


Z said...

Speaking of "Pictures." Last night as we were passing the Eat Spot on a cold winter's night, we observed a warm inviting picture through the window as we noticed a couple of Northport's finest citizen's enjoying a meal and each other. It was our good fortune to be having the same setting as our destination, because it turned into an invitation to join those two winning personalities at their table. A marvelous conversation ensued, we enjoyed their conversation and conviviality until it was time for them to leave for the Madrigal Concert. After hearing of this wonderful presentation that occurs every year, we were sorry that we were not migrating on to the auditorium to enjoy it with the community. Ah well - next year hopefully will present another opportunity for us and others to enjoy a return engagement. At any rate, we enjoyed sharing a dinner table at the Eat Spot with Northport's pre-eminent bookstore maven and her ever intriguing husband.

P. J. Grath said...

You have made my day!!! (And it was already a great one!) We certainly enjoyed your company last night, as well, and I do hope you will get to the Madrigals concert next year. Northport is fortunate to have that event added to the holiday roster, and the children's choir and director were happy to perform in the wonderful NCAC facility. Thanks for commenting, z. It encourages me to keep up with this endeavor. :)