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Friday, December 7, 2007

December odds and ends

Another cold day in northern Michigan, with temperatures expected to “dip down into the teens” (radio voice) again tonight. As darkness fell over our little village, it was gratifying to see more lighted buildings this year than last. The old Willowbrook, slated to be remodeled as a bed-and-breakfast next year, is beautifully decorated for Christmas (see above), and yesterday’s Record-Eagle had a big article on David Chrobak’s Christmas trees and the magic he weaves at the Old Mill Pond Inn in Northport.

Between bouts of work today, somehow I managed to read half of a slim volume of short stories by Jane Smiley. Arriving home tonight, I reaped the benefit of having planned ahead for tonight’s dinner (herbed barley and pancetta and a simple homemade chicken-pasta soup), turning the fire on under the pans and sitting down with a glass of wine to read a few more chapters of SUITE FRANCAISE before dinner.

Tonight and tomorrow (we’re going tomorrow) is the Leelanau Children’s Choir/Leelanau Youth Ensemble Madrigals concert at the NCAC in Northport. Have I mentioned that before? It bears repeating.

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