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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Getting Around

I have a lot of cold, cold pictures for today, showing our drive home yesterday. For those of you who came to this site looking for something to read, try this:
Anyone who claims that readers can’t and won’t and shouldn’t own their books are bent on the destruction of the book, the destruction of publishing, and the destruction of authorship itself.

- Cory Doctorow, “How To Destroy the Book,” from his speech on copyright at the National Reading Summit, transcribed by Jade Colbert.

And now go read the whole article (Part I and Part II) and have food for winter’s thought. Preview hint: it's about electronic readers and the "books" you can read that way but never own or pass on to your kids.


Anonymous said...

The photos of your drive home could serve as a metaphor for the issues of our time. We can barely see where we're going - or perhaps we can't, who knows?

Glad you're home. In a bit I will be, too, and not a moment too soon.

P. J. Grath said...

Maybe the trouble with trying to see the metaphorical "road ahead" is that it doesn't exist until we blaze the trail.

Home again tonight. Out again tomorrow. Keep safe, Gerry (and everyone else, too)!