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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Signs of Life and Death in the Woods

Good medicine countered bad weather yesterday, good medicine in the form of friends and bookstore customers (many people falling into both categories) and, later, a fine ramble in the woods with Sarah. Here is a little of what we saw there. This morning the sky is clear as the sun rises over that woods. Maybe the daffodils will begin to open today.


Anonymous said...

These remind me of a wonderful program at Raven Hill Discovery Center. Participants walked the trail in the woods to see how nature recycles (woodpecker holes, fungi, mosses, nurse trees, decaying leaves) and then went inside to learn how the same principles apply in the ways people recycle trash and garbage. There was even a working model of a sorting machine. Finally there was a segment on recycling found objects into art. Which brings us back to your post, which I admire very much!

Deborah said...

Being more at home in cities than in the woods I have to ask - what is in the second picture?
After 57 years I'm still learning from my big sister! Thanks Pamela.

P. J. Grath said...

Gerry, I don't know Raven Hill. Is that over in your neck of the woods?

Deborah, you shouldn't say you're learning from me until I come up with some (good) answers! My guess for image #2 is that it's part of a deer skull. See the teeth? I have here at home an upper and lower jaw, with teeth still in, from parts of a skeleton I found above the creek and waited a year to collect so the bones would be clean. For image #3 we need a mycologist for genus-species identification. Image #4 I'm pretty sure is wild leeks. They're about the first emerging green in the woods, though I am not customarily out in the woods early enough to see them at this stage. (Thank you, Sarah, for this April glimpse!)

Lisa said...

Dogs do us good - getting us out and about when we'd otherwise be cloistered away with more mundane tasks, don't they? I love the woods. It points out, ever so beautifully, that life goes on...with us, or without us.

Oh, and I'm so proud...I guessed a portion of a deer jaw. What interesting finds.


P. J. Grath said...

I'll get another set of "finds" images up soon. Lisa, you obviously find some of the same comfort I do in some of the same things I do. Someday I'll be as gone as the deer who once browsed the woods, fields and orchards with the teeth in that jaw fragment, but I do want to think the leeks will continue to push up every spring, peepers will peep, daffodils will open, smelt will run, etc., etc.

P. J. Grath said...

Well, "I do," "I do"! You know what I meant!

Anonymous said...

I do!

BTW, Raven Hill is indeed in this neck of the woods, near East Jordan. More at: Raven Hill Discovery Center. And I do like to volunteer there!