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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Continued, In Brief

Life is humming along in woods and orchard. Here’s that lovely little trout lily I first spotted on Sunday…another shot of the mystery wildflower from April 20, looking much the worse for wear only three days later…and one tired, happy dog, home from our evening rambles.

All readers goes through wonderful spells when every book picked up sizzles with connections to those just put down. April has been that way for me. From human psychology to dog psychology, behavioral economics to memoir and fiction, whatever I read sheds additional light on whatever else I’ve been reading. I love it when this happens! I’ll have more to say about the phenomenon very soon, with special attention to some excellent books on the human-dog relationship.

But not tonight. Like Sarah, I don't have much to say after this long, full, beautiful day.

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