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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Elsewhere in Midwest

Dave Somsky of Northport and Chicago was back in our little village a few weeks ago, sharing pictures of the venture he and his son launched recently in the Windy City. Vrai Amour, at 953 W. Webster Avenue, is now open for business as a retail food establishment. If you’re there in the city and homesick for Leelanau County, you can find Black Star Farms wines at Vrai Amour, but you certainly don’t have to be homesick to shop their exciting selection of gourmet specialty foods and wines. Back here at home, we are all excited for Dave and Matt and wish them all the best. (Just thinking about Chicago, I'm remembering how exciting the city is in late springtime, when the trees are all in bloom along the lakeshore and the first sailboats dot the water.) Congratulations, Matt and Dave, on making your dream come true!

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