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Friday, April 4, 2008

More Sun, Nature in Abundance

Late, slanting afternoon sun on these birthday flowers brought the outdoors inside yesterday. I had another long day of grading but again managed to find three different work venues to keep my mind fresh, without as much running around as the day before. This time we stuck to Northport, and I worked in my bookstore (Dog Ears Books closed this week for “spring break,” though it’s just a different work schedule for me rather than vacation), the library, and finally out at David’s studio. Today should wrap up the job. I’ll take BLINK along, too, and make notes as I read.

“Nature in Abundance” is the slogan on a sign outside the little U.P. town of Grand Marais, our beloved home away from home, and I thought of that this morning when Sarah and I were out for our pre-sunrise walk and I spotted a coyote sauntering across the meadow, cutting a path halfway between us and our house. (Doesn't it just figure I hadn't taken my camera out with me this morning?) Sarah was looking the other way, and I had her on the leash, so I clamped her head between my knees to keep her from seeing the coyote. When it was out of sight, I led her back to the house, still on leash. Years ago, when we asked a veterinarian what would happen if our old dog Nikki tangled with a coyote, the vet replied with these chilling words: “Wild always wins.”

The bookstore will re-open next week, and NMC classes will resume. Where has the time gone?

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