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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Winter Orchards

February is National Cherry Month, and while it may look as if the orchards are asleep, things are happening. Snow is insulating the roots and adds moisture to the soil as it melts. Crews are out early in the morning with pruning tools. I'll say more about orchards and cherries later but mustn't let the oatmeal burn!


Anonymous said...

Oh my that's a lovely photo of a dreaming orchard.

P. J. Grath said...

Thank you, Torch Lake. I'll have more coming soon and will also add a link to your site in my list.

Laurie said...

Hello, dear Pamela!

Your photo is a marvel. That February is National Cherry Month is news to me. It reminded me that Godfrey and I always snicker about a tabletop sign at Cracker Barrel which said, advertising its cherry pie, said, "It's springtime, and around here that means ... cherries!" Are they HQ'd in Chile, perhaps? But, if cherries are "in process" during National Cherry Month, that's good enough for me. We're taking many pounds of dried cherries to Baton Rouge when we go ... so I guess our there cousins will think it's cherry month, for sure!