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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Slow News Day

All the news here is quiet stuff at present, but that’s not bad. No deer-vehicle collisions, no power outages, no lots of things that could make life miserable this time of year. Owing to a continuing lack of sunshine, however, I’ve cheated on the orchard picture and colored it warm.

Chris G. and Bonnie B. were here the other day and fell into the jigsaw puzzle temptation, with the result that the top and bottom edges are now complete. Next? Drop in at your own risk!

On the overflow/newly arrived shelves, I took time to separate out and alphabetize the trade fiction. (It would be in the general alphabetized fiction section if there were room for it all there.) This will simplify life for me, for Bruce, and for our customers. Bruce has agreed to write a guest review for THREE CUPS OF TEA, by the way, so watch for that soon.

I did some updating and tidying up to the Dog Ears Books website today and sent another order through to Ingram. One of the books on the list was EXPERIMENTS IN ETHICS, by Kwame Anthony Appiah. (There’s a title to make Immanuel Kant roll over in his grave!) Then, taking a break, I got drawn into LIBBY: THE ALASKAN DIARIES AND LETTERS OF LIBBY BEAMAN, 1879-1880. Gripping story! How will I ever put it aside to finish the other three books I’m halfway through?

And tonight? Alaska or Louisiana? Arctic or steamy? Victorian or contemporary? My after-dinner thoughts turned to Prague, but I’ll put that meditation on the back burner for another time.


The Writers Blog -- Joanne Nakaya said...

I'll come back to visit to see the book reviews. As a bibliophile I can't resist. I work at a library and get to pick up copies of uneditied proofs from time to time .. oh I wish I had more time to read!!!

Enjoyed your site.


P. J. Grath said...

Thanks, Joanne. I will let Bruce know the public is waiting with baited breath--and just hope the pressure doesn't freak him out!

Anonymous said...

Can you really read books about Alaska in February? Brrr! I have to save those for August. (Kingsolver's Prodigal Summer, now there was a winter read!)

P. J. Grath said...

Believe it or not, Gerry, it was a record cold stretch im Kalamazoo years ago that got me longing for the Arctic and reading books set in colder, harsher climes. I started with Byrd's ALONE but quickly switched from Antarctic to Arctic, preferring a setting with a reasonably happy indigenous culture. So last night I read Alaska before bed, Louisiana while falling asleep, and felt I had the best of all worlds, distant and immediate.