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Friday, December 23, 2011

We Got a Little Snow

Orchard, barn, Lake Michigan
At last there was snow on the ground! Sarah needed to get out and run, too, before our long day at the bookstore. I wanted her to be able to settle down and not be romping all around during guest author John Mitchell's visit. 

Sarah sniffs
She ran. She explored. She sniffed. We both had a wonderful time. Next time, though, I'm wearing snowshoes. Barn boots are great for rainy days but not so good on icy hills.

Between two firs


Dawn said...

We got a little snow too, looks about the same as yours. If this was all we got all winter I'd be fine. But I'm sure it won't be. Glad Sarah got a romp in today. Katie is raring to go, and I promised her an adventure tomorrow or Sunday. Maybe both.

Good idea you had about reposting for me sometime in January. I've been considering where else I can get the word out. I'm a little afraid I made it too personal and as if I'm attacking her. But then I decided it IS personal and I AM attacking her. So there you go.

P. J. Grath said...

Of course it's personal, and of course it's emotional. How can matters of life and death not be? Let's do the repost the first week in January, if that's okay with you. Why wait? We can wish everyone a safe new year, as I know you do.

It's hard on Sarah to miss a day's exercise, but Thursday was so bleak and rainy and windy that she had only the briefest of utilitarian sorties. Our cross-country adventure this morning was much more to her taste and suited to her needs.

Helen said...

No snow here yet -- though it's cold enough and the ski resorts are making snow. And...I just saw a mosquito...

Dawn said...

A mosquito? Really! That's GOOD news! LOL!

Yes PJ, the first week in Jan works for me, thanks!

P. J. Grath said...

A resort near here is making snow here, too. Mosquito? That bodes ill, as it means there could still be ticks in the woods!

January--lots coming!