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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

More Small Town Seasonal Warmth

Dolls and SO Much More!

Colorful Indoor Vista

From the moment that Sally’s store opens in the morning, even before her customers begin to pour in, evidence of activity is everywhere, along with bright colors and a dazzling variety of materials and textures. The name of her shop is Dolls and More, with an accent on the More

Do you know what you’re looking in the pictures below? Luckily, I can now add captions.

Teddy Bear Pieces
Ready to Repaint an Old Doll
About the time I was leaving, Sally’s first customers had come for potluck lunch and a class in handmade greeting cards. A congenial proprietor and welcoming atmosphere make 102 Nagonaba (annex entrance on Mill Street) a magnet for local crafters and shoppers. In Northport, friends are customers, and customers become friends.

Coming Together at Sally's Shop


dmarks said...

Is there a good hardware store near by?

P. J. Grath said...

We've had Northport Ace Hardware on Nagonaba Street for many, many years. Since the lumberyard moved north of town, however, it's meant two trips for both delivery trucks and customers, and so very soon the hardware store will be joining the lumberyard on the north side. But yes, very near the village itself. Why?

Gerry said...

Let me guess - somewhere for the guys to go while their wives and girlfriends are hanging out at Sally's? Of course there's Dog Ears Books, and Brew North, and . . . this Northport is quite a place.

P. J. Grath said...

And then there's the hardware store, and let's not forget Garage Bar & Grill. Or the hardier fellas might walk down to the harbor and "sidewalk"-superintend ongoing building projects--or which, more soon. I really must do a post on what's happening down by the harbor before too long.