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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

In Which Sarah and I Are Visited By Mister Scrooge

December--But No Snow!
No kidding, it must have been Ebenezer Scrooge who stopped by the bookstore early this week. He had a huge smile on his face, but why? Because there is no snow! “This is the best winter ever!” he exclaimed happily. Then, as he paused to scratch Sarah behind the ears, he observed that dogs don’t recognize holidays, and so, he went on to proclaim, “Dogs are part of the war on Christmas!” That idea made him as happy as the snowless landscape. He was nearly turning inside-out with glee.

NOT a Dog of War!
I didn't want to argue. No one should be required to celebrate a holiday if it holds no meaning for him. But involving my dog in his stance? Look at that sweet face! Can you imagine?

So "Sorry," I told Scrooge, "but Sarah loves the world and everyone and everything in it. Why, she even loves cats! Not to chase, either, but just to be around in a companionable way. Sarah is not a dog of war but a dog of peace, love and good puppy fun. It’s true that she doesn’t care what the good times are called, but she would never oppose them!"

Dog Friends: Kona, Sarah, Brandy (and stick)
It was okay. I hadn't put a dent in the caller's glee, but he hadn't made me unhappy, either. Mr. Scrooge went on his way, still delighted that there was no snow on the ground and leaving me still content to be in my very own bookstore, with my very own dog, and the lights on my very own real tree twinkling away. I guess each of us finds happiness in our own particular way.

Sarah at Work
Friends in Omena tonight will be shouting away the darkness, celebrating the turn toward the light and lengthening days. Happy solstice, everyone!


Dawn said...

Happy solstice to you! While all the news people exclaim over the 'shortest' daylight of the year I'm excited that now we're moving toward spring!

And yes that was the Grinch in people clothing. To each his own. But I'm guessing Sarah loves any holiday if it brings more people around to share. Even if it brings the Grinch. At least she got an ear rub out of it!

P. J. Grath said...

Dawn, I think you're more accurate than I was. Grinch fits better. It has the comedic element!

Today is longer than yesterday! How much longer? Who's measuring? Why look a gift horse in the mouth?

dmarks said...

If there are to be casualties in the war on Christmas, I'd rather it were chipmunks rather than dogs.

P. J. Grath said...

You wouldn't miss the chipmunks? Al-VIN!