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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Wind or No Wind, Saturday Is Here!

Where did the wind come from? After a string of clear, still days, it took me a couple of minutes to identify the sound (please don’t tell me I’m imagining it), but peering out a dark window I could still see the stars. The sky is still clear. It’s just a windy morning. Okay.

Those dreams when you forgot to study for an exam? Neglected to learn your lines and the curtain is going up? Can’t find the room you’re supposed to teach in? Besides the wind, a dream of that kind woke me in the dark, but there’s no need to go into the silly details, because no failures of that kind are going to mar the bookstore event today. I’ll get all the furniture arranged, and the caterer and the wine will arrive in plenty of time, and everything will be fine. After all, the books came yesterday. Yes! The books arrived twenty-six or –seven hours ahead of the scheduled event, and that was a big relief. They look great, too.

So let the wind blow. The sun will shine, and it will be a beautiful day. These images, however, are from the last two quieter, calmer mornings, when the wind and I were taking life a lot easier (and as I was selecting them this morning, I couldn't stop thinking that Sharon will know exactly where each photograph was taken). I’m getting a lot of use out of my camera battery recharger this season, and you haven’t seen the half of it. There will also be bookstore pictures and book talk, along with all the "local color."

P.S. Before you go outdoors this morning, check this out. You can keep track of the Sleeping Bear's activities by e-mail. And does that little produce stand look familiar? (Susan, there's no prize for identifying it.)


Dawn said...

LOL. I have the exact same photo of the first fruit stand taken when Karen and I were out on a "photo expedition" a coupld of years ago! :)

Have fun today! Don't stress. And remember to take pictures!

P. J. Grath said...

Thanks for reminding me, Dawn. My batteries are all charged, and I have memory room to spare.

To the rest of you--to see the fruit stand Dawn is talking about you have to click on the link.

Anonymous said...

Those are some very fine autumn photos, PJ. We have had a fine week.

It must have been a very strange night, though. I, too, woke up repeatedly and finally decided, well, let's just get up then. It was 4:45. GACK!

Since the universe was clearly out of kilter, I did the most uncharacteristic thing I could think of. I cleaned house.

The day looks perfectly lovely and innocent now. So what the heck was all that about last night? Dunno, but I'm prepared for all eventualities.

P. J. Grath said...

The wind was from the EAST this morning, too, Gerry, which always makes me feel like a cat having its fur rubbed the wrong way. But, another gorgeous day, with a big book party for me tonight, to include excellent treats--wish you could be here!

You cleaned house! I caught up on bookkeeping! Strange night, indeed.

Ajijaak said...

Wonderful photos! I really like photo #3 as it seems really gentle and light. Thanks for posting about keeping track of Sleeping Bears activities. I signed up for email alerts as I love Sleeping Bear!

P. J. Grath said...

Thursday and Friday were gentle, peaceful mornings, Anishinaabekwe, and today (Sunday) was another one. Almost windless. Colors singing. Blessings raining down in rays of light.

I put some other images (denser) on my other blog, "A Shot in the Light."