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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Some Corners of My Colorful World

Are we past peak color? I suppose you'd have to say so, and with the wind blowing fiercely around the old farmhouse right now--and a windy night in store--I imagine there will be far fewer colorful trees tomorrow. Still, everywhere I looked yesterday and today I found my world blazing brightly, especially in the low, raking light of early morning or late afternoon.

Some scenes naturally arranged themselves horizontally,

while others, vertical, reached for the sky.

There were even surprising pockets filled with what looked like summer colors. (That Deb K. in Northport is quite a gardener.)

And then there is always the bookstore! Lots of color there!

Here's a Jim Harrison cover perfectly suited to the season at hand.

Old pulp fiction is colorful in a different way. Perhaps a better word is lurid. (Isn't that a great word?)

Yes, I find color everywhere in my Up North world, outdoors and indoors. And by the way, I have more fall photos on my other blog, which I'm sad to admit is not getting much viewing, so go on over if you have a minute to spare. Like this one, it's free, and the images there could use a little company to cheer them up. :)


Anonymous said...

Satisfactory! I'd completely forgotten to go look at the tamaracks. Must do that tomorrow.

Really liked the dressy tree all fluffed up with its nose in the air while the stolid little fire hydrant steals the show.

P. J. Grath said...

That tree does have kind of a stuck-up look, posing for the camera. My friend Mary reminded me of the tamarack, saying that Route 123 in the U.P. is golden from one end to the other. We must make do with our colorful corners. You need color after those dead birds on the beach, Gerry.