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Monday, September 6, 2010

Look Right Through the Glassy Air

This is what northern Lake Michigan looked like on Sunday afternoon, looking west under clear, rain-scrubbed, true blue skies from Kovarik Road in Leelanau Township, Leelanau County. And now it's Monday morning, Labor Day, an official holiday, and I feel a bit unfocused and at loose ends. Summer is over, right? Or is it? September is usually when I get a chance to go swimming, maybe up in Sable Lake west of Grand Marais, but it would be good to have the air a little warmer for that. I'm sure all the wild blueberries are gone but hope I can still get blueberry pancakes at the West Bay Diner. Not today, though. No, today is the walk across the Mackinac Bridge, and we sat for hours last year in our car, separated from Lehto's pasties by only a few teasing miles that might as well have been a hundred. But there will be no leaving on Tuesday, either, as David has an important meeting in Traverse City. Wednesday? Maybe! We are playing it by ear this year.

I'm playing Labor Day by ear, too. A few times we haven't stuck around Northport for the holiday, to the astonishment and shock of one friend in retail. "You were closed on Labor Day?!" Yep. The year before I'd watched a steady river of cars and trucks pulling boat trailers up from the harbor on their way out of town and didn't figure I needed to see that again. But other years I've had the bookstore open and been pleasantly surprised by a few last-minute, leave-taking vacationers who needed books for the road.

Today I'll see how it goes. I'll be there for a while. No promises how long. But tomorrow, Tuesday, 10 to 5, as usual, and if I'm not there on Wednesday, Bruce will be.

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