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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

U.P. Trip, Day 2

Not that it matters hugely, but we are back in Leelanau Township, having driven to Grand Marais last Thursday and then home on Monday. We didn’t do a lot of long-distance driving in the U.P., however—just one little day trip over to Munising, partly on M-28, partly on back roads via Miner’s Castle. Part of the rock formation has been toppled by the winds of time, but it doesn’t look all that different, and the view looking down is dizzying and mesmerizing.

Addendum 9/18/2010: Here is the color cover illustration to a 1971 reprint of Historic Legend of Pictured Rocks of Lake Superior, followed by one of the original 1871 drawings reproduced in the reprint. By comparing these images to my photo taken this month, you can easily see how the rock has changed with the loss of one of the “towers.”

Side note to those who have not fully explored Michigan: the Pictured Rocks boat tour, which we took four years ago, is right up there in the Top 10 Must-Do Michigan Trips. Most of the rock formations are visible only from the water, and the Lake Superior coastline is gorgeous in September and October. These are the boats that make the trip out:

As for our pack, we had much smaller fish to fry this year. Friday was notable (for us) as Sarah’s third birthday. She began her day of celebration with a wild run on the beach in Grand Marais, and later in Munising we gave her a birthday cake-equivalent, special dog treats purchased just for her. She even got to have the whole package all at once.

Then it was back to Grand Marais for a sustaining bite at the West Bay Diner, followed by a short drive out to Cemetery Road and the beach there. Facing north onto Lake Superior, Grand Marais gets both sunrise and sunset. Here are a couple of quite ordinary evening views, and you can check out “A Shot in the Light” for another one, full-strength.


Anonymous said...

Um, it does matter hugely when a person considers the full range of options. Very glad you're back in Northport, and enjoying the reminders of the U.P. Pictured Rocks has a special place in my memory. Happy Birthday Sarah!

P. J. Grath said...

Sarah thanks you for the birthday wishes. I have to admit that when I first got your comment in my e-mail, I thought I'd put my foot in it. What had I said didn't matter? Uh-oh! Had to look back. Oh. I put that in because a comment you left the other day made me realize that some people might think I was giving a day-by-day vacation report while vacationing rather than in retrospect. Just clarifying.

Aren't U.P. memories grand?

Dawn said...

I love the UP. Glad you had fun! I also recommend the boat ride!

P. J. Grath said...

Another way to see Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is wilderness hiking and camping, which I admit I have not tried.

Anonymous said...

Someday I have to post a photo of Rob the Firefighter, age 3, backpacking in the Porkies. His particular pack held his teddy bear. His dad carried an enormous load, while I hiked with a light one, the better to scoop up the three year old as necessary. It was good.

P. J. Grath said...

I would love to see that, Gerry. Makes me smile just thinking about it.