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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Last Full Day in the Upper Peninsula

Last but hardly least—oh, it was glorious! We took H-58 west out of Grand Marais to (thrilling name!) Hurricane River! That was our destination, but it was also as far as the road was open, with a new road bridge under construction (yes, this link was added days after the post went up) just past the campground entrance.

Hurricane River—I can’t help wanting to repeat the magical name over and over. Sun was bright, wind strong, air chilly, but the river tumbles unceasingly toward the big lake, as the waves of Lake Superior beat unceasingly against the shore. It is a glorious, beautiful and very exciting place, a complete contrast to the tranquility of Sable Lake, back closer to Grand Marais. At Hurricane River, one is drawn irresistibly to the shore, to the stones in the riverbed mouth—and then back to the shelter of the trees!

Later in the day we found warmer, drier ground where Sarah could run and I could explore the Up North Flora.

And always, in town, we enjoy speculating about old buildings, meeting old friends, and enjoying “local color” in its many guises.

Here’s Rick Capogrossa, publisher of the Grand Marais Pilot. (His mom runs the hotel.)

And here’s my refreshing glass of puddingstone ale!

It was a beautiful day and a lovely evening in Lake Superior agate country.


Deborah said...

Let's see - next year, 7 days in Northport followed by a few in the U.P. before heading back to Springfield. You have definitely enticed me with your descriptions and photos.

P. J. Grath said...

Deborah, if you have the time you could do the Circle Tour of Lake Michigan--with a detour up to the Lake Superior shore, of course--coming up the Indiana-Michigan side and going home through the U.P. and Wisconsin. We've made that trip several times, and it's a great one.

P.S. I added a note and two new images to the Munising day (Friday).

Anonymous said...

Are those agates in stained glass?? Very cool.

Susan said...

I just love that parmesan popcorn they serve at Lake Superior Brewing Co. And -- did you seek out Ed Bowen, who lived in our house 30 years before we bought it?

Anonymous said...

Do you know, I don't believe I have ever had a bad day in the U.P. That is probably because I have never had to go to work on a Monday in the U.P. Daily life has a way of bringing bad days along every now and then. Still, it's something to think about, and I'm thinking hard about it now.

P. J. Grath said...

Susan, we didn't "seek out" anyone. We made no dates, no appointments. The friends we ran into we were happy to see, but we only had three full days (two travel days), and we needed to rest and recharge above everything else. So, my apologies to anyone and everyone in the U.P. whom we did not contact while there!

Gerry, you've hit the nail on the head. I remember many years ago a man from Grand Rapids coming to Northport on his vacation and going home to write about the "slower pace of life" we enjoy here. Talk to Ellen Airgood at the West Bay Diner in Grand Marais about her work schedule and how she manages to fit in writing her books around commuting, cooking, baking and waiting tables!

Big annual getaways are crucial for me. What I call mini-vacations are important, too, though. Half an hour at Peterson Park or a drive down to Good Harbor to watch the sunset. Maybe just a beer at the Happy Hour.