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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Picture Potluck as September Blusters In

Have you ever noticed how many times a bank of clouds seems to be echoing a line of trees?

Lake Michigan still frothed with whitecaps on Tuesday morning, and winds drove this freighter to seek refuge in the Manitou Passage.

The view eastward was deceptively calm for a while in the morning.

Storms or no storms, young deer get hungry.

People get thirsty, too, but if water bottles had deposits on them (or if people still used thermos bottles instead of disposable plastic) it would cut down on the litter. I bagged these up to recycle. Sigh!

Does a fungus ever notice the weather?

One last picture, an image from a book. Anyone recognize it?


Dawn said...

Don't know how I missed these. Loved the first tree picture. Could also be a painting!

Don't think fungus cares about much...but then what do we really know?

Last photo..Norman Rockwell...?...on a cookbook? Don't know.

P. J. Grath said...

Maybe a fungus shrinks from the sun? Glad you liked the trees, Dawn. And you're right on with your cookbook guess. The iconic advisor was none other than Betty Crocker.