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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Leaving U.P., Returning Home

Another Grand Marais morning shot. But first, before we say good-by, a note: I've gone back to add a new note and two more images to our Munising day.

Okay, time to tear ourselves away. It’s always somewhat sad to leave Grand Marais, but our brief time there this month was so perfect—and the morning we were to leave was so beautiful—that we didn’t mind all that much getting on the road again, headed for home. We even found a “back” way south that we’ll follow in reverse the next time we go north. I think the road number was 119.

One minor disappointment on our way north had been arriving too late at Lehto’s to buy pasties for lunch. We more than compensated with ribs at the Bay View Inn at Cut River but were happy to make up for the pasty lack on our way home. Also, going in that direction means being able to stop to eat that delicious hot lunch at a gorgeous roadside park just beyond Lehto’s.

The Bridge! Leaving the U.P. behind! But on the other end—we’re still in Michigan!!!

That was Monday, and on Tuesday Sarah and I (leaving Dog Ears Books in Bruce’s capable hands for one more day before he left on a 10-day trip to Toronto) made our inaugural return visit to Lake Michigan at Leelanau Township’s Peterson Park. Our home Great Lake is every bit as lovely as our away-from-home Great Lake, as you can see.

Friday came around quickly, with the last official farm market of the year in Northport—and I say “official” because the Bare Knuckle Farm partners say they’ll keep coming to set up on Fridays as long as they have produce to sell and the weather cooperates. I bought apples, onions, zucchini, carrots and eggplant today and will be going back next week for the beautiful beets I spotted only after I’d already paid. Crowd thin, you say? That's because I arrive as the first vendors are just setting up, a good quarter-hour before the official opening time.

Next post: Back to the books!

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