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Monday, May 10, 2010

What on Earth Do Three News Items Have in Common?


Wednesday, May 12, beginning at 6:30 p.m., is Senior Project Night at Northport High School. Senior project is a requirement for graduation with three components: research, product and presentation. The class of 2010 will graduate nine students, so that means, with three sessions running concurrently, that it will be possible for everyone attending to attend a third of the presentations. The evening (I’ve gone most years) is a thrilling evening for students, family and community.

Here are names and project titles for Senior Project Night 2010:

Amanda Adams: Macro Photography: Learning from the Little Things
Miles Chisholm: Battling Great Lakes Invasive Species
Bryton Collins: Poverty & Food Insecurity
Kelly Fischer: Promoting Alternative Energy in Northport
Baily Hanson: Protesting the Captivity of Sea Mammals
Imani Holt: Improving Self-Esteem with Fashion
Evan Morgan: Promoting Northport School
Edward Perez: Heart Healthy cuisine
Jason Tropf: Preserving the Legacy of Northport Athletics


It’s here, it’s here! With Bruce, my helper, off in London on a special birthday trip and summer crowds not yet swarming the peninsula, I’m taking it easy this month and taking off Mondays as well as Sundays. Today, though, I thought I’d show up long enough for the FedEx and UPS delivery trucks to have a chance to bring me packages. Yea!!! There was the box of Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli’s new book, Dead Sleeping Shaman, the third in her Emily Kincaid series. Well, no secret what I’ll be reading in bed tonight!

And here’s another news blast: Emily—oops, I mean Elizabeth!—will be at Dog Ears Books from 5 to 7 p.m. on Friday, June 11 to meet, greet, sign books and generally entertain, as she always does so well. Buzzelli has twice been a speaker in the Leelanau Township Library summer series. She has also done readings, signings and one writing workshop at Dog Ears Books in previous years. Northport knows her well. I don’t see any conflicts on the Northport calendar, either, so am hoping our village will turn out in force. Naturally, we also welcome friends old and new from out of town, also.


Yes, I’ve created a second blog, thanks to inspiration from Kathy up in the Keewanaw woods, with her posting about how she doesn’t like to compress images. I always compress for my postings on Books in Northport. Sometimes I’m posting from home, which means dialup. Also, I know a few others (e.g., you know who you are!) are still stuck with dialup most of the time and won’t have time to visit regularly if they have to wait forever for images to load. So.... But--. Why would a second one be different?

I can answer by contrasting the two. This site, Books in Northport, will still be my principal platform for bookstore, community and personal news. (The Dog Ears Books site will continue as my platform to sell special books.) The new blog, A Shot in the Light (it’s okay to think Peter Sellers; I certainly did), will contain no news, no opinions, no reviews, no descriptions. My idea for A Shot in the Light is to let my images speak for themselves. I’ll only be posting one at a time, maximum pixel density, perhaps as few as one a week. I’ll only be putting up what I consider my best photography. Viewers may disagree with what I think is good, and I’m willing to learn from critical comments. In fact, my Greatest Admirer and my Severest Critic (GASC would be David) already had a negative response, so the first comment on my new blog is my own--not exactly defending but explaining. After all, intelligent, discerning minds and eyes can see things differently, yes? Take a look and let me know how you see it.


Deborah said...

What do these three things have in common? Well, the first two are certainly Northport - isn't Elizabeth from Northport? Definitely Michigan. The 3rd? Well, photos will be by someone who lives in Northport. I'm curious - what's the answer? (readers may remember that I did get the last question right - the question @ the sign in Northport)

P. J. Grath said...

Deborah, you did get the last quiz right. I hope you won't mind that this one wasn't really a quiz. I put that title on because I couldn't think of any umbrella that covered the three items! Definitely Michigan, though. Elizabeth lives over closer to Gaylord, and her stories are set in that part of northern Michigan. One possible answer I could give is that senior projects, a new book from Elizabeth and my new photography project all give me an anticipatory smile of happiness. How's that?

Deborah said...

I like the idea of your happiness of anticipation and look forward to hearing about the enjoyment you had the evening of Senior Projects. Reading Elizabeth and other authors is always pleasurable.

Anonymous said...

Somehow I missed that you were starting a new blog (kinda slow here sometimes...) But I love it! The shot of the chicken is a winner. No matter what the critics say!

P. J. Grath said...

I'm toying with the idea of referring to David as GA/SC (Greatest Admirer/Severest Critic) instead of by name. It's okay. I fulfill the same function with regard to his work.