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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Roses, Everywhere

In my garden, in town, in the wild jungle along our no-name creek, even in the bank here in Northport, roses are blooming everywhere. Will there be any left for the dog parade on August 8? This year’s theme, always eagerly awaited, has been announced: “The Kentucky Dogby: A Run for the Roses.” Now, put on your thinking caps and think dogs and roses!

Cherry Festival in Traverse City is coming up roses, too. David and I saw the midway in its early morning quiet guise as we passed by along the bay on our way to the WTCM station on East Front Street. We also heard on the car radio about the wine-tasting event coming up this Thursday, Friday and Saturday in Traverse City. But we were in town because I was a guest on Ron Jolly’s Wednesday feature, “Entrepreneur Spotlight,” and by arriving early we had time for a leisurely coffee at Horizon Books before the show, because--where else would a bookseller go for morning coffee? But wait—I know, I know! Entrepreneur? Moi, le philosophe? Well, I do have my own business, and it is 16 years old (or, as I like to say, 112 dog years), and Ron is a book person and loves Northport, so it was a pleasant and enjoyable conversation, over too quickly. David, listening on the car radio outside, was impressed with the number of times he heard the words “Dog Ears Books in Northport” on the radio. Thanks again, Ron and Kimber!

The drive along Grand Traverse Bay was lovely, as always.

Then Jamie at the Northport Bay Dog and Cat Company had a cancellation, so Sarah had her little paws, fur and toenails, trimmed up neatly. No more scruffy feet! She’s beautiful again! Thanks, Jamie!

Life is good Up North.


Deborah said...

How absolutely appropriate that the owner of Dog Ears Books would have a photo of dog paws on her blog. Very cute.

P. J. Grath said...

I know--I mean, thank you! Her paws are so cute, aren't they?

Anonymous said...

Do you know about Dog Roses (Rosa canina)? They are simply beautiful. Google their name for some lovely images.

Anonymous said...

Argh! Missed hearing you! Is it available online?

P. J. Grath said...

I recall having heard of dog roses but will certainly look for pictures of them. Love the name!

Sorry to everyone who missed the show. Don't know how far beyond the TC area the station can be heard--and some people overslept (or didn't know), I'm sure.