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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July Offering: Fields of Color

Must open first, though, with the announcement that Elizabeth Buzzelli’s second Emily Kincaid mystery, Dead Floating Lovers, arrived at last and is available at Dog Ears Books in Northport. (If you missed the first book, Dead Dancing Women, we have that, too.) Elizabeth will be in town two weeks from today, speaking at the Leelanau Township Library at 7:30 p.m. She has a light-hearted approach to murder fiction that may surprise but will certainly delight the audience, once again.

Now for the color. Today is Bastille Day, and I could celebrate by re-posting my 4th of July flowers, since France’s flag uses the same colors as ours, only saying their names in another order, bleu, blanc et rouge rather than red, white and blue. It ‘s the 120th anniversary of the Tour Eiffel. I am, however, very much here in Leelanau County, and after almost complaining of summer’s monochromatic green landscape the other day, it is only just that I give center stage to fields of July color here where I live.

Trust painter David (we call him the Master of Color) to find these vistas so close to home! With Bruce in the bookstore yesterday and Woody on duty for the gallery, I’d driven up to the nursery for more plants and taken them home to plant in the early afternoon, but David insisted I drop everything and take a ride with him to “see something worth seeing.” Disappointed that the “something” was not horse-related (but reassured by his statement that it had nothing to do with cars, either), I went along, mystified. He circled around the long way and, as we approached the scene from the bottom of a hill, told me to close my eyes. “Now open them.”

Worth it, yes?


Anonymous said...

Yes very much worth it. I'm sure Van Gogh would have been very excited to paint those fields.

I didn't realize the Eiffel Tower was that young. When I visited it, it was under repair and the elevator wasn't functioning so had to climb the stairs which was pretty scary.

Happy Bastille Day :)

Allons enfants de la Patrie, le jour de gloire est arrivé...

Gerry said...

Those are most beautiful fields of color. I particularly admire the last one for its folds and meanders and general shapeliness.

dmarks said...

Wonderful photos. They reminded me of Monet, actually. Visit this link and ignore the lizards.

The movie "Rush Hour 3" is overall underwhelming, but a major part of the movie is a climbing thrill chase in the Eiffel Tower. I've seen Eiffel Tower scenes in many movies, and this was probably the best of them.

dmarks said...

Also, I hope you do not mind that I used a tiny version of one of these photos in my recent blog post to link back to this post. I will remove the picture if you wish.

Anonymous said...

I see vistas like that and wish a) I could find a sweater in those colors or b) I could learn to dye yarn and knit one for myself.

dmarks said...

In other words, Anon, these photos are to dye for?

P. J. Grath said...

I had twelve different images of the fields and chose these three to post. Of the three, I think I like the third best, also. Another day, however, I’ll put up some of the others. Van Gogh, Monet—to me these field images are David Grath paintings, as some of them undoubtedly will be. Sweaters would be good, too, though.

Dmarks, I’m flattered you liked an image enough to post. It’s fine. I haven’t checked out the link you sent yet but will do so and get back to you on it.

Happy windy evening, al