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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Rainy Break in the Weather

It rained, poured, sprinkled, on and off all day, and I hid out for an hour and a half to read about Chinese painting, poetry, history and culture, the break made possible by the fact that Bruce was at Dog Ears Books today, “holding down the fort” (a favorite phrase of my father). The view from my hideaway perch would never sell as a postcard, but I was contented and cozy.

A friend of my mother’s from Illinois showed up at the bookstore, however, so I went up to Northport earlier than anticipated to be on hand if he returned, and that lucky choice put me on the scene when Traverse City painter and friend Charles Murphy showed up with a new children’s book he’s illustrated. Always so good to see Charlie! And the family who met him—parents who want someday to have a bookstore in southern Indiana and their daughter, Danielle, five years old, who currently has ambitions to be an author, illustrator and veterinarian (I’ve forgotten the other occupations to which she aspires)—were thrilled to have their book personally inscribed.

Those who have taken note of the bookstore OPEN/CLOSED sign that features a dog’s snout on one side and paw on the other have only seen the tip of Angie’s creativity iceberg (okay, tortured image!), and it’s always a pleasure when Angie and Dennis appear for a visit, but today it was especially exciting: they have a baby daughter! I hadn’t even known of the expectation, so little Corinne Rose was a delightful surprise. Only nine weeks old and already enjoying having her parents read books to her!

The last three customers of the day were three generations of women—grandmother, mother, daughter (though all three, unbelievably, are grandmothers)—and that was a fun visit, too. The grandmother and her husband once operated a grocery store and meat market in the building over on Mill Street occupied at present by Trish’s Dishes. Sometimes I wish I could travel back in time and visit Northport sixty years ago or more.

Another rainy evening and night? It reminds me of our last visit to Manitoulin Island and how sweet and peaceful it was to sit in our lakeside cabin and read while the rain pattered on the roof. Ah-h-h-h! Even vacation isn’t all and only about sunshine.

Alfalfa, my favorite field crop, makes a colorful foreground to the old barn.


Gerry said...

There's a lot to be said for a little gentle rain, and you've pretty well said it. Now if it would only stop in time for the Big Wedding on Saturday!

So that's alfalfa, eh? I see it a lot, and have been looking for an ID. Pretty, isn't it!

P. J. Grath said...

Yes, a sunny summer weekend is always better for all the events we plan. I hope your bride and groom can be hitched without a hitch!

Alfalfa is beautiful. To ensure maximum nourishment, it should ideally be cut for hay before this many flowers appear. One problem in our region seems to be that when the alfalfa needs cutting, the cherries also need harvesting, and the cherries won't wait.