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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Goin' to the Dogs

These dog pictures today are from last weekend, when the weather was much warmer, and a round of puppy play required a follow-up cooling-off period and then a good nap. Dog parade registration is officially underway. I registered entries #1 and #2 myself, first thing this morning. The entry fee is $5 per dog. For those unable to register early, there will also be registration on the day of the parade, from 11:30 to 12:45. That’s Saturday, August 8, and even early registrants will want to arrive at the Mill Pond in advance of the 1 p.m. parade start, as judges will be looking at entries prior to formation. Once again, this year’s theme is “Kentucky Dogby: A Run for the Roses.”

Today was the big day in the neighboring unincorporated village of Omena, where anyone at all could cast votes—any number of them—in the mayoral race, paying $1 for each vote cast. The catch? This election was a fundraiser for the Omena Historical Society, and the candidates were 22 dogs, two cats, one horse, one snail and one worm. The deadline for voting was 5 p.m. Who won??? The suspense is killing me!

I’ve been having a hard time lately with the “Have you read this?” question. Some of us get through stacks of reading in the summer, others in the winter, and I’m in the latter group. Finally, however, I finished one of my many half-read books. Something to add to the list! Yes, yes, it was a murder mystery, not the Stendahl or the Chinese culture book, and yes, I immediately picked up another murder mystery! Please! I’m working hard these days! Besides, I’ve been waiting and waiting for Elizabeth Buzzelli’s Dead Floating Lovers, and finally it’s here, so who am I to deny myself for another day the pleasure of the company of Emily Kincaid and Deputy Dolly?

Here’s the first daylily bloom of the season in my garden.

And finally, here's a reminder (if anyone needs one) that evenings too cool for swimming still offer delightful strolling and cloud-gazing.

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