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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Last June Evening, First July Morn

Something called me to St. Wenceslaus last night, after dinner was over and I’d hung laundry out on the line. (It will finish drying today.) It must have been the light. Everything was peaceful in the lengthening shadows of the last evening in June.

All were peacefully sleeping, whether under markers ornate or plain...

Whether under a small garden or simply beneath the grass.

Images wrought in iron assisted a contemplative attitude.

This morning a different impulse called me to Leelanau Township’s Peterson Park, where Lake Michigan was as blue as blue can be, drenching the horizon.

Among rounded rocks still in the shadow of the bluffs, the black ones seemed to hold onto their dewy moisture.

One rock looked like a beautiful egg from outer space.

The cracked ones seemed sad until I reflected that the waves would smooth them until they seemed wholes, not parts.

Another seemed to be the morning sun greeter.

I placed one rock atop another as my thank-you to the beach.

Gravity is the culprit, making the stairs seem longer on the way back up. Young Sarah was not at all out of breath. She would not have paused for pictures without my command.

We had our early walk/run on the beach, did our errands in town, and then our bookstore day began, with a brand-new OPEN flag to match the flowers in the windowbox.


Anonymous said...

It was so nice walking with you and Sarah! I liked the split rock. Those always fascinate me. They are the clearest possible demonstration of the power of water and ice. The new Open flag is a demonstration of the power of Summer!

P. J. Grath said...

This morning: water gardens, recycle, go to bank and p.o. and farm market down by the marina. Grab a good cup of coffee at the Eat Spot to go with my almond croissant (YES!) from the market. Take several deep breaths. Okay, I'm almost ready to put out that OPEN flag now.

Dawn said...

Lovely. Thanks for taking me along on your walks!

P. J. Grath said...

Hi, Dawn. Glad you could join us on the beach. This morning's walk features the farm market down by the marina. Perfect holiday weather!