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Sunday, November 1, 2009

"Destination Leelanau" Plus

At left, author Claudia Goudschaal with book designer Dan Stewart at Friday's bookstore party. Combining Claudia's research and writing with Dan's production skills, this team put together a high-quality book that will wear well in every way. Above is Claudia with me (her friend, neighbor and bookseller) and our mutual friend and my event co-hostess, Laura Quackenbush. Finally, below are a few of the guests who came to congratulate Claudia and buy her book. Naturally, the larger the crowd, the busier I was--too busy to take more pictures, but you can tell we were already having a good time early on. I do have a couple more signed copies of Destination Leelanau at the bookstore, and I'm sure Claudia will be happy to keep me supplied through Christmas.

Next day, Saturday: Trick-or-treaters on Waukazoo Street were very light again this year, nothing like four and five years ago over on Nagonaba. I counted only 22 who came to our door, mostly little ones with their parents. This one made me laugh the most. I love the way all you can see of the child's face inside the monster costume is the pacifier.

Finally, here is patient Sarah, wondering if we will ever go home and get outdoors to run and play! Does she care if I write a blog post? Bake a pie? Get laundry done? Read Chapter 10 of Ulysses? No, this little dog-girl just wants to have fun! And the sun is shining today, so no more screen time for me! We're going outdoors now!


Gerry said...

The monster made me laugh the most, too, yes s/he did. The best part of my other day job, which is an evening job, is seeing little kids in every form of cuteness. It's a good antidote to the 'nother day job, which has mostly to do with adults who are not at their best.

P. J. Grath said...

Those little ones are wonderful. Don't you wonder about old people (older than we are!) who choose to live in places where no children are allowed? It surprises me how much I miss the teenage trick-or-treaters. Four years ago, back in my last location, it seemed like all the middle schoolers and high school kids came around, in varying degrees of costume. I have photo albums from two or three years of trick-or-treaters of all ages. Oh, well. Things change. Now it's all about "keeping the kids off the streets." Even in Northport!