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Friday, October 16, 2009

Pumpkin Preview

Student-decorated pumpkins for tomorrow’s Fall Festival were picked up at school this morning. I got a sneak peek, so you do, too. Don’t they look like fun? The pumpkins will be on display at the Visitors Center and Depot until 4 p.m., at which time they will be for sale. Horses from Abraham’s Carriage are scheduled to arrive in town, with their wagon and driver, at 11 a.m. Saturday, so come take a ride around town! Wagon rides will end by 4 p.m. (Donations to the Chamber of Commerce and/or tips to the driver will be gratefully accepted but are by no means obligatory.) NAHA (the Northport Area Heritage Association) will have cider and donuts at the Depot, and “Mark Twain” will appear at Dog Ears Books at noon and again at 3 p.m. (15-minute performance each time). All we need now is not to have rain! Sunshine, of course, would be icing on the cake. Icing, I said, not ice! No ice! No rain! No snow!

There is also Haunted Lighthouse this weekend and the Fried Chicken Dinner at school on Sunday, whatever the weather brings. And when the weekend ends, the fun continues, with an evening of pizza and poetry at the library on Monday, 6-8 p.m. Bring a poem or two to share and a few greenbacks to donate to the kitty. Pizza and cornbread will be provided.

Finally, getting back to books, I have recently read two excellent novels set in Michigan and will be reviewing both very soon, should probably also report before too long on our tiny (four-person) Ulysses study group, and I’m getting a head start on good holiday gift books (because what better to give than a book?), but when I say “gift book” I don’t mean the category that goes by that name--the kind you read and quickly recycle--but real books, books worthy of being given to loved ones to cherish for years.


Deborah said...

I'd definitely have purchased some decorated pumpkins - what fun!

P. J. Grath said...

Yes, you would love them, Deborah. The paint is not waterproof, so they have to be kept indoors, but I wouldn't want to risk mine to pranksters, anyway.