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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Autumn Contrast

This image from yesterday has been doctored considerably for today's post. I also have many new photographs, book notes and general observations, but all these will have to wait. It has been a day for walking, photographing, reading, driving, looking, reading. It has been, in other words, a see-saw day of books and sunshine.


Gerry said...

PJ's got dig-effects!

Looking forward to reading about woolly bears.

Anonymous said...

I love the moooooon! It is so very dark/light which is what I love about moon-staring! Your pictures of friut look like they should be dripping with plum jiuce and smelling wonderful! Thank you! Jeanie

P. J. Grath said...

I'm working on the woolly bears, Gerry. No, actually, I'm working on a flier for next Saturday's Fall Festival in Northport, and THEN I will get back to the woolly bears.

Bean, "dripping with plum juice"? I love that!

Now that I look at this image again, I'm seeing a T-shirt in it. That is, black T with fall trees. Would it say Halloween?