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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Snowy Morning

Woke up to our first real snow on the ground this morning. Yesterday’s barest dusting on the walk was too faint to count, and there was none of grass or trees, whereas today’s, as you see, was lovely. It was also the perfect medicine for getting me in the mood to plan with other Chamber members for our holiday events in Northport (all of which will be listed on my regular website any minute now).

One of my first delightful tasks at the bookstore this morning was to put in another new book order, the third this week. I’m stocking up on board books for young children; had to have TAP DANCING ON THE ROOF and RUNAWAY GARDEN (also children’s books, the latter a National Best Books 2007 award-winner); couldn’t leave out GHOST MOUNTAIN BOYS, a new book on World War II featured in this week’s Leelanau County Enterprise. This time of year I have new-new books arriving every week, and it’s fun and exciting.

Last night I finished HILLBILLY WOMEN, by Kathy Kahn, an out-of-print book I was reading in ragged paperback months ago and mislaid somewhere far from home, replacing it recently with hardcover. The women are smart, tough, hard-working, resilient and canny. They know the odds are stacked against them, but they’re not about to give up. I look at their pictures and wonder (copyright date 1972) where they are now. My grandmother was one of them except for geography. I miss her.

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