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Friday, November 16, 2007

Good Women, Good Works

That’s Donna Brown in the red apron from Leelanau Christian Neighbors (LCN), all set to pour coffee at the Treasure Chest, Northport’s new (and presently the only) place for a good, hot breakfast. Donna and her son and business partner Chris plan to stay open all winter, which means that when Barb’s Bakery closes, the morning gang will migrate over to Waukazoo Street. (Dog Ears Books hosted coffee for two months last winter, but for me it meant hauling water in jugs from home. Donna and Chris have a kitchen!)

It’s fitting that Donna will be wearing the LCN apron when she serves Thanksgiving dinner at the Treasure Chest next week because she isn’t open for “business” that day: dinner is on the house, for anyone in the community who won’t be with family and wants to share the holiday spirit. Donna says it’s her family’s way of saying thank you to Northport. Homebound residents can have turkey dinner delivered, compliments of the Treasure Chest and volunteer drivers. Donna has received many donations of food and money for the dinner and is telling donors that everything above and beyond her costs for the day she will send on to the Food Pantry.

This is where Leelanau Christian Neighbors comes in. LCN is a coalition of county churches that operates two community food pantries and an emergency family assistance program. This year resources are already strained, in Leelanau as elsewhere in the country. Enter the apron project. Brainchild of Marilyn Zimmerman, member of St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church in Northport, an LCN affiliate, the apron is available in red, black, blue or khaki, with logo of contrasting color. Orders are being taken now. All proceeds beyond cost will go to LCN services: there are no administrative costs.

Marilyn hopes that by next summer LCN aprons will be worn by volunteers at all sorts of community events. Neighbors helping neighbors—that’s the idea. To request an apron order form that can be downloaded and printed, e-mail, or you can write to LCN at P.O. Box 32, Suttons Bay, MI 49682 to request one or more order forms.

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