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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Summer on Land and Water

July and August are more than tourist season. It’s the time of year that cherries ripen, calves fatten, summer grains wave in the breeze, cyclists take to the roads, and everyone who can gets out on the water.

Yes, cherry harvest is in full swing this week in Leelanau Township. Our end of the county, out at the north end of the peninsula, did not suffer killing frost that hit earlier spring-blossoming orchards farther south, so the bounty hangs heavy and luscious red on the trees, ready for shaking. Time for a reminder that solid yellow lines in the center of the road mean NO PASSING! If you find yourself behind a farm tractor, slow down and enjoy the scenery. Blind hills and blind curves shorten visibility distance -- and there just might be a bicycle up ahead or a vehicle coming from the other direction.

A few years back I promised to do a post on Northport acronyms. That promise has yet to be fulfilled, but here are a few colorful images from the Northport Youth Sailing School, NYSS, a young but strong and important local institution. To learn more about this great local summer program, follow the foregoing link. 

I would have loved to sit at that picnic table and watch the little boats sail out onto Grand Traverse Bay, but Sarah and I had to get to the bookstore. 

Reminder: This Saturday, from 3 - 5 p.m., we will host David Greenwald, with his trilogy of exciting rescue books -- action, suspense, dogs!!!

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