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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Attitude and Weather Report and Forecast

Observe! Open water! Sunshine! 

Water, water, everywhere! Yesterday it was running through a back road field, gurgling along, attracting kildeer, while on the pond I monitor a pair of Canada geese had taken up residence. 

Last night I raked the yard and then worked on my drawing class assignment. That felt good. And now this morning! Oh, my heavens! Farmers have been out cultivating their fields, and the emerging green of new growth is too glorious for words! Maybe my joy is increased, also, by my current reading, The Orphan Master's Son, which points up just how fortunate I am to be living here in the United States, burdened only with "First World problems."

As if all this were not enough to gladden the heart, my mother and two younger sisters (mine, not hers) are on their way from Illinois for a visit. What more could I ask of the weekend? The temperature is supposed to get up into the 70s tomorrow! As I reminded Sarah this morning, on our way through the beautiful countryside to the bookstore, "We live in a beautiful place. We've got it made in the shade!"

Ice lingers now only in memory, the Winter of a Lifetime, frozen for all time in Ken Scott's new book, which should arrive sometime the Friday of Memorial Day weekend, in plenty of time for Ken's signing on Sunday, May 25.

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Karen Casebeer said...

Such a beautiful place, which you've captured in these lovely images. Love the lines on the fields. Thank you for this local color. Karen