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Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Sunny, Summery Saturday in Autumn

Country roads issue invitations in October
Yes, there is fall color -- in the maples, the popples, black walnut, green and mountain ash trees, and sumac -- but trees aren't the only place to look for color these days in Leelanau. Autumn has been a soft, gradual extension of late summer, and everywhere throughout the village of Northport and surrounding countryside gardens are bright with red, yellow, orange, white and blue. 

Nor is activity restricted to plant life. There is BIG STEEL on Waukazoo Street, as the new bowling alley takes shape. That's something different in the neighborhood!

Outdoor sports enthusiasts are looking forward to the 2014 opening of the new Northport Creek Golf Course, its greens (and fairways) greening already under the October sun. 

Tonight is the opening at the Dennos Museum Center for a show of art of the Sleeping Bear Dunes. Art of the Sleeping Bear Dunes is also a beautiful new book, which goes on sale after the opening. If you're in Northport today, stop in and preview the book. (You'll probably want to reserve a copy for purchase next week.) David Grath is among artists whose work is represented, and the cover image is of a work by our dear departed friend, Suzanne Wilson. Suzanne, I still miss you, but I tell myself that you are just "away from your e-mail" for a while, and when I drive south toward Glen Arbor and beyond, it still feels as if I'm on my way to visit you.


Anonymous said...

When we were visiting this summer, I thought fondly of Suzanne during our rambles down Glen Arbor way.

Kathy in Oz said...

Stunning pictures, Pamela. Beautiful colours. Some brave spring colours are emerging here, after our dry winter, Our crab apples are always a welcome sight.

Kathy said...

Good morning, Pamela. Hasn't it been a wonderful autumn? So very warm. Today our temps are turning a bit colder, but we've only had two days of frost. Sometimes it's snowing by mid-October! The book looks wonderful--congratulate David. I'm heading to Marquette to meet a blogging friend this morning. Looking forward to it.

P. J. Grath said...

Good morning to you all! It's a sunny Monday, and I'm all set to enjoy it before rain returns tomorrow. Glen Arbor, Australia, the U.P. -- I'm pleased we could all meet here for a chat. :)

P. J. Grath said...

Guess I should have mentioned St. Paul, Minnesota, Maiya. Must have been thinking that you and I were on a county cruise to visit Suzanne.