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Monday, February 28, 2011

Just Little Bits, No One Big Story

It’s Monday evening. After a celebratory shared birthday dinner at our house on Friday, a Saturday full of work and noise and hubbub, and a happy, exhausted Sunday of R&R, we treated ourselves to a day trip today, a drive to nearby Traverse City. We lunched at our favorite Chinese buffet restaurant, where my fortune cookie yielded up this gem: “Sing and rejoice. Fortune is smiling on you.” Isn't that wonderful? Wouldn't that make you smile from ear to ear?

There was snow in the air on and off all day.

Now tomorrow, Tuesday, is the first day of March. It’s also the first day of autumn in Australia (where it is already today rather than tomorrow), while in the United Kingdom, Denmark and Ireland, it’s the first day of spring. Those countries all do as the Romans--that is, they change seasons according to the Roman calendar--while we in the U.S. steer by the stars, changing at solstices and equinoxes. I only know this because I have a new friend in Australia, and I’m still finding the information quite mind-boggling.

And now Kathy writes to me that March 1st is also the Feast of St. David, as observed in Wales. Question: If I tell the household David about St. David’s Day, will I have to prepare a whole feast, or can we get by with a mess o’ leeks and a pot of daffodils?


kathy said...

Just the leeks and daffodils should do it.

Gerry said...

That photo warms me like a nice breakfast of cinnamon toast and good coffee. Very nice to see at dark-thirty in the morning with the cold settled around the house like a threat.

It feels good to be heading toward spring. If you find leeks and daffodils poking through the snow I want to know about it!

P. J. Grath said...

Glad you think I won't need more, Kathy. Gerry, I was thinking of, um, the grocery store? Glad you like the picture, too. It will be a while before we get all the little details finished with our kitchen, but the light and color and newness of it all has me entranced. As you see!