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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

We Hit the City Streets

My family did Northport and the surrounding countryside up in style. They started their days at, respectively, Barb’s Bakery, the Eat Spot and the Treasure Chest. They lunched at the Drive-Thru BBQ and Stubb’s Sweetwater Grill. They went swimming in Grand Traverse Bay, bought t-shirts and participated in the dog parade. They had Moomer’s ice cream. We had a picnic dinner at home, a take-out (Drive-Thru) dinner at home, and on Sunday evening we drove cross-country to Lake Leelanau for dinner at Dick’s Pour House. Finally, on their last morning, and after they made a stop on the way at Circa Estate Winery on Horn Road, we all met at the Artisan Design Gallery in Traverse City, where David was on duty for the first four-hour shift of the day. It was a wonderful photo op for all of us. So many beautiful David Grath paintings! How well they go with the exquisite artisan-designed furniture!

Our recent stretch of hot, humid weather having given way to clear skies and pleasant breezes, as the gallery filled people to keep David busy the five of us not working the gallery floor (mother, sister, brother-in –law, dog visitor Gracie and I) walked across Front Street for a sidewalk lunch at the Greenhouse restaurant, a wonderful way to wind up the visit with our Illinois family, taking to the Traverse City street scene before they took the highway home--shade, breeze, lively scene, good food, dog at our side.

With Bruce manning the bookstore for the day, David and I had a leisurely drive home ourselves. Grand Traverse Bay never looked lovelier.


P. J. Grath said...

I realize, looking at them, that these images are not representative of the scene on Front Street. For one thing, I took several of the gallery shots before the crowds descended; for another, I chose my moments so as not to captures strangers unawares. They were lots of people--on the sidewalks, on the streets and in the gallery!

Anonymous said...

This looks like a lovely day, Pamela. So much to do in your nearby area! Glad to hear your family was visiting and enjoyed such fun.

P. J. Grath said...

It was great, Kathy, and we have more family coming the week leading up to Labor Day. It's been a fantastic Michigan summer!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that! We feel the same way.