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Monday, August 2, 2010

Tour of the Tees and of Peterson Park

See? I didn’t mean ‘trees’ and leave out a letter. At least one of these shirts could probably be used as a car washrag, but I don’t have the heart. There are gaps in the words and picture both, but that’s my sweet old Nikki (below) in the old shop on Nagonaba.

Sweet young Sarah and I went to Peterson Park this morning, and the first thing I noticed was that it’s been very windy lately out there on the bluffs.

The view is always beautiful, even on a rainy morning.

Why didn’t I bring a picnic breakfast? Some of the tables are down below under a sheltering roof, others out in the rain, high on the hill. I love the way these trees are leaning.

“Someone else was here!” Sarah is saying to herself.

Reminders: Tomorrow is Election Day, and there are two more weekends with an opportunity to see “My Fair Lady” at the NCAC. I went on opening night and recommend the show highly. Acting, singing, choreography and orchestra—all are excellent. And it’s great fun!


Anonymous said...

Tees make wonderful subjects. You never know where they will take you.

I don't know whether the broken trees or the leaning ones are clearer evidence of the force that gathers over Big Blue.

Jake sent me. (Nikki says that will be fine.)

P. J. Grath said...

Did Jake come before Miss Sadie and the Cowboy? And he says Nikki says the shirt can be used to wash cars? I still don't have the heart for that!

Dawn said...

What is NCAC? Northport.....?

P. J. Grath said...

Dawn, you've reminded me of something I thought of last week, which is that I need to do a post on Northport acronyms. NCAC, I'll just say here (leaving the rest for a full post) is the Northport Community Arts Center. It's also called "the Auditorium." Physically it's part of the school, but it was built with privately raised community funds and is operated by its own Board. It's really an amazing place and ongoing labor of love, with its many concerts, plays, etc.