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Friday, August 6, 2010

Company, Clouds, Views and Vegetables

They're here, they're here! Family gets top billing today, with sunset coming in second. You can see the glow of the setting sun on our faces, however. It's Kim's first visit in 10 years, Ian's first in four, and I can hardly believe they're here, all the way from Kalamazoo! (I'm not being ironic but poking a little fun.) Here was our sunset:

We could hear the festivities from the Conservancy picnic and auction, just over the fields to our east.

The tents were still up the next morning, seen here behind a field of corn. Looking west, I had the always-majestic sight of Lake Michigan:

What would a Friday post be without the farm market in Northport?

Look at these beautiful little vegetables from the Bare Knuckle Farm folks:

Life is good Up North, and a cold front moving through is giving us a little break from the heat. Not to worry--the temperature will be back up to 80 tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely day--and clever of you to arrange that sunset. You will probably have more visits on the strength of that alone.

Tonight is going to be such good sleeping weather that I will be a better person tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

The setting sun certainly does give a warm glow to the clouds, landscape and even human faces.

The view of Lake Michigan is enhanced by all those layers of trees.

Love the radishes. Are those carrots? Their color looks so rich and deep.

Dawn said...

Enjoy the visit - those are the most special days of all!

P. J. Grath said...

Thanks for all your comments. Our visitors do love the sunsets, Gerry, and we all turned in early last night to take advantage of the lovely cool sleeping weather.

Amy-Lynn, those are indeed carrots, a dark red but orange inside when peeled. They were so gorgeous I had to have them! The radish mix is called something like "Easter eggs" and very beautiful, also.

Dawn, the "kids" set out this morning for the art fair and book sale in Suttons Bay and may take in the Port Oneida Cultural Fair and the beach at Good Harbor before returning to Northport for the pig Roast sponsored by "Best for Kids." Pig roast goes until 6 o'clock and is my dinner plan.

It's another gorgeous day in Leelanau, and Sarah and I are just about to open the bookstore, having had our walk/run (she walks, I run) and accomplished morning errands. Another good day.