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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Air Plants and Spanish Moss

A picture day today. I'm running out of words.

First, air plants. You don't want to pay a dollar apiece at the flea market to buy the ones pictured below when you can pick them up from the ground or pluck them from dead branches or live trees just about anywhere.

Then, is Spanish moss a beautiful draping on Southern trees, or does it give the scenery a lugubrious air? Like so many things, that depends on your point of view, but the other day I realized that it had become such a familiar part of the landscape to me that I wasn't really seeing it any more, so I loved in closer. Nice!


Anonymous said...

Unfamiliar landscapes are always appealing, aren't they? They offer the promise of adventure and discovery. Of course, loving in closer will always help us see greater beauty . . . :)

P. J. Grath said...

That's the problem I was trying to solve in looking closer, Gerry--that the landscape of Florida is no longer unfamiliar to me as it still was last year.