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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Here Comes the Sun!

Sun stand still! Not really, but it's not a bad time to pause and remember that days start getting longer as soon as the solstice mark is passed. Yesterday ended with these clearing skies and dramatic sunset.

Then came Saturday morning, beautiful frost--and how many minutes to frostbite? Never mind, the orchards sparkled in the sun.

This picture is for my sister, Deborah! She and her husband, Joe, and their two dogs stayed at Krikat B&B when they visited last summer. Deborah, here's what it looks like in the winter. I've been watching and waiting to catch the red barns in bright morning sunlight. The horses are wearing their winter blankets, enjoying being outdoors despite the wind chill.

Ooh, the ice in the harbor! Not yet frozen solid (with the bubblers, can it freeze solid?), it is forming sloshy, slow-bobbing pancakes. The ducks don't mind at all.

And the BAND PLAYED ON! They come so early in the morning, though--next year I am going to issue formal invitations to friends and customers to be on hand first thing in the morning for holiday music the Saturday before Christmas! The coffee pot will be full, cookies will be piled high, and we'll invite the band inside!

One more band shot, looking right into the sun, but showcasing Deb Wetherbee, who showed only her back in the other photo.

It was a lovely, bright day, full of light and friends and shoppers and conversation, but I won't say more tonight, because I am deep into the third chapter of Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, and don't want to do anything but curl up under the covers and read.


ShareCare said...

Happy holidays, Pamela. That was sweet of you to put us on your blog. It's fun going from store to store spreading holiday cheer, but I always feel badly when we don't make it to all of the stores. It was so cold today that the valves were freezing on everyone's instruments. Maybe next year after coffee and cookies at Dog Ears we could make it to all of the stores!

Deborah said...

I showed Joe, Bosco and Hershey the photo of the farm. Naturally, they weren't as excited to see the photo as I was, however, we are all looking forward to seeing those horses as soon as we can plan a trip! Thank you for that photo!!

P. J. Grath said...

Finally I get a connection to the comment page! Glad you both liked the Saturday pictures. I was happy to have both sunshine and colorful subjects, a nice change from the severe beauty of winter landscape.