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Sunday, December 28, 2008

In the Woods Again, At Last

Rose leaves command little attention in the summer, but against the snow they are impossible to ignore. So much snow has melted that Sarah and were able today to take a long overland hike. The world was full of wonder.

The beauty of a nearby wooded hill is an everyday sight but one I never take for granted. It never looks quite the same two days in a row, either.

Inside the woods, sheltered from the wind and surrounded by trees of all sizes and ages, one cannot help slowing down to look longer and more closely. Giant beech trees tower overhead, but miraculous fungi the size of a fingernail are just as alive.

I feel more alive myself for having spent half an hour here, climbing over logs and stumps and spying an occasional clump of moss, bright green against the snow. And Sarah? Oh, my, yes!


Anonymous said...

The best thing about the Disreputable Duo is that they force me to get up and out in the day, no matter what it's like--and then infect me with their frisking joy. Oh look! Snow! Hey! A chipmunk! Amazing! My own tracks!

P. J. Grath said...

And isn't their naive enthusiasm contagious? I find myself as thrilled as Sarah--and so pleased to have such a lively little companion.