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Friday, July 15, 2011

Lazy or Just Links-Mad?

Today will be a potluck of links. The only thing they have in common is that I found them interesting and think others will, too, but of course you can pick and choose. It was Dawn King’s post this morning that convinced me to make today the day. I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while. Dawn chides Congress for not doing what the rest of us have to do to keep our jobs. See if you agree with her.

Next, how much do you know about the government of the United States and the country’s political and economic structure? This site, as you will no doubt see, has certain inherent biases, but it’s instructive nonetheless. Also, it not only tells you which of your answers are counted wrong, but also gives the correct answer and explanation. Test yourself!

Then there this heartwarming story with a twist—and an incredibly beautiful photographic image.

If you’re not stuck with a slow dialup connection, check out this video of Shakespeare and Co. bookstore in Paris. Got dreams? This place makes dreams come true. Actually, I looked at two different videos and can’t remember which is which, so try both.

Finally, here’s something on gardening.

That's it. Enjoy! I’m off to the farmers’ market in a light sprinkle. I'll have photos--of something or other!--another day.

P.S. 10:30 a.m. Michigan time. Here's one more link, my own! I've posted photos of the market over on my other blog. You should just know that this isn't even the half of it. What are you doing sitting home?

1 comment:

Gerry said...

Dawn is, of course, absolutely right.

ISI is a propaganda machine and its quiz a sham.

Tara Miller's photo ROCKS.

Slooow dialup. No videos. They sound good though.

The whole fooforaw over the garden is just a perfect storm of Fox News and Facebook Hysteria: Pomposity vs. Self-righteousness.

Your Shot in the Light photos are, however, models of excellence and restraint, Northport showing, once again, to best advantage.