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Friday, July 29, 2011

The Summer Beat Goes On

That's the Northport Sailing School. I don't have anything to say about it today but liked the image, which is pure summer.

Here's more of what I see every day in summer: the inside of my bookstore! And that's fine, because things are always happening there, too. For instance, Elizabeth Buzzelli will be here today! The perennially popular creator of the Emily Kincaid murder mystery series will be at Dog Ears at 4 p.m., with her latest book, Dead Dogs and Englishmen, the fourth she has introduced to an appreciative Northport readership, which will make today's event a meeting of the Northport Buzzelli Fan Club.

Tonight is also Music in the Park, with Dog Ears Books co-sponsoring the Steve Sandner Quintet (jazz).

The Woolsey Airport Fly-in and the Northport Promise garage sale are tomorrow, both being held earlier than usual this year in hopes of better weather than they had in August 2010. Get there for pancake breakfast and watch the planes come in. Later in the day, from 5 to 9 p.m., when you’re all worn out from hours in sun and waves, there will be an opening of small works by eightl artists at the Wright Gallery on Mill Street, as Northport navigates easily between plain old fun and high culture.

But so much has already gone by, too, that I haven’t reported on. One evening there was an opening at Edie Joppich’s Bay Street Gallery, featuring new work by Edie and photographs by Sharon Kalchik, both on barn themes. Live music and soft evening sunshine led to the delightful ambience of Edie’s gallery and gardens.

And of course the most recent author to appear at Dog Ears Books was Loreen Niewenhuis, with A 1000-Mile Walk on the Beach. Loreen is great! She is personable and relaxed, putting at ease everyone she meets in the first minute of their meeting. David took Sarah home early, so when the customers cleared out of the bookstore I was able to close and get a bite next door at the Garage Bar & Grill with Loreen, her mother, and president of the Leelanau Township Friends of the Library Suzanne Landes before we all adjourned from the table and reassembled at the library, where Loreen’s slide show presentation and talk were well attended and well received.

Even with my still images, you can see how animated this author is in person. Wish you all could have been there!

Or, wish you all could be here, for all our local events. This is summer in Leelanau, and it flies by like a dream.


Dawn said...

Wish I could DOES fly by doesn't it! Sounds like a fun and full time!

P. J. Grath said...

You wouldn't believe how many things I haven't even mentioned. And I remember what the 'Y' stands for in NYSS: It's Northport Youth Sailing School. Kids learn to sail. Skills, safety and FUN!

Kathy said...

Ahhh, you have perfectly described "deep summer". It would have been a delight to experience Loreen's presentation!

P. J. Grath said...

Elizabeth was her usual charming self on Friday, too. The farm market was its usual roaring success. The jazz quintet in the park was the perfect end to the day. Will try to post pictures of these soon. It is indeed "deep summer," Kathy. Interesting to compare mine "Up North" and yours "Way Up North," isn't it?