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Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Birds Beg of You--Please, please!

Would you want to see traps set on the beach? Maybe poisoned bait? No? Well, how about those beautiful, brightly colored balloons and ribbons from graduation, birthday parties and anniversaries? There are not so beautiful later, as Lake Michigan litter, and are a danger to unwary birds.

Evolution did not prepare birds to expect bits of rubber and grosgrain at the wrack line or sloshing in the waves at the edge of the water. The birds’ brains see worms in the ribbon shapes, something tasty to eat. Choking and death can result.

The remnants of balloon turn to sticky, waterproof glue—and birds do not have Goo-Gone at their disposal!

Please, for the birds’ sake, dispose of that pretty party refuse properly, whether your own or someone else’s you find along the beach.

This collection was picked up in the course of one morning’s walk along the beach at Peterson Park in Leelanau Township. It isn't nearly as much fun to pick up as beach stones, but since my friend Kathie alerted me to the dangers, I can't simply walk on and leave it there.

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