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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Birds, Rocks and Perhaps a Full Moon?

I haven't checked with the authorities, but it seems to me the moon should be full tonight, judging from how close it was last night as we drove home (with the top down) from dinner at the Cedar Tavern. Dinner? The word doesn't seem appropriate to the place. Supper, more like. Delicious, at any rate, was my Polish Reuben.

Here's an event in the neighborhood that deserves publicity:
Sat., Sept 5, 2009 | 2:00pm - 4:00pm
Prairie Habitat and Native Plant Sale, Saving Birds Through Habitat Discovery Center, Omena
Vern Stevens of Designs by Nature brings his engaging PowerPoint presentation about North American prairie back to the Discovery Center. Native prairie plant sale follows. For info call (231) 271-3738. The SBTH Discovery Center is located at 5020 N. Putnam, Omena. Website:

And as for today, it was every bit as lovely as yesterday, beginning with an early walk on the rocky beach at Peterson Park. Fall colors are starting to appear on the beach,

and I put a few smaller stones in my pocket but collected the large ones only with my camera,

peeling off layers as the exercise warmed me up in the shade below the bluffs. Here's a stone that rode in my pocket all the way back to Dog Ears Books--


Gerry said...

Rocks indeed. Nice Petoskey. I should build a little stone house with all the rocks I've carried back from walks. It's a scandal, really. Did you ever see the Lucille Ball movie "The Long Long Trailer"? A cautionary tale.

dmarks said...

This post rocks.

dmarks said...

And I love "The Long Long Trailer" A great Lucy and Ricky... er Lucy and Desi movie.

P. J. Grath said...

You guys crack me up, as did "The Long, Long Trailer," and yes, Gerry, I do remember that scene with the rocks. Thanks for the memory!