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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dandelions, Late Season

One recent morning, the heavy dew sparkling on every blade of grass drew my eye to the ground, where I saw that each dandelion seedhead was sparkling, too. From a distance they looked pretty. Up close each one was a magical kingdom.

A week ago, the seeds of this head reminded me of porcupine quills or tiny arrows or feathers from pow-wow regalia.

Many, many years ago I read a poem comparing dandelions to gypsy girls. The poet may have been Russian, but I've looked and looked over the years without success. Does anyone else know that poem? I would very much love to read it again.

Amy-Lynn up in Cow Bay, Nova Scotia, has been looking closely at hydrangea blossoms, which inspire her thoughts on how we look at other people and how easy it is to miss their individuality and beauty.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! And here's the poem:

Anonymous said...

Water on flowers seems to bring out the best in them. Dandelions must be among the most overlooked flowers out there and yet they look so beautiful in your photos.

Those seeds do look like porcupine quills!

Pamela, the cattle arrived in the Cow Bay mail yesterday. That was moo-st thoughtful of you ;) Thank you.

P. J. Grath said...

Amy-Lynn, I'm glad you liked our Leelanau cattle. Anonymous, that's a dandelion poem but not the one I'm looking for. Thanks, anyway, for the thought.