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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rain Date Turnout

Masses of clouds hung on through the early morning, making for dramatic skies over Woolsey Airport, but the fly-in took place, proceeding according to Plan B. Postponing due to yesterday’s rain meant fewer planes today, but planes there were.

There were also antique and collectible cars.

There were horses.

There were kids and dogs.

Of course there were pancakes and cherry topping, and as the morning wore on, the clouds grew fewer, the sun brighter, the crowds bigger.

An added attraction this year was a garage sale held across the road for the Northport Promise (scholarship program), where I found a book, a picture frame and seven matching water tumblers. As I was walking back to the road to return to the village, more small planes were coming in overhead, and the strains of “Stardust,” featuring the band’s brass section, were wafting over the tops of the cedar trees. It was a quintessential Northport morning.

Even driving south isn’t sad when you’re only going as far south as Northport.


Deborah said...

Those pancakes looked huge! Very good though - and I'm sure those cherries were a wonderful addition.

Gerry said...

You found a book at the garage sale? I am astonished. AND you had horses to look at. What a lovely day . . .

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a truly wonderful day!

P. J. Grath said...

You all would have loved it. I should say that the Lions Club has taken over sponsorship of the fly-in and does a great job, helped out enormously by the high school soccer team members, who take care of table setup and takedown. Once again, intergenerational Northport synergy carries the day.

Gerry, are you making fun of me for finding a book at the garage sale? I was most excited by the water glasses!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Pam for sharing! I wish I could have been there!